Spring and Fall clean up

Spring cleaning always brings a good feeling — and it’s even better when a professional team handles the spring cleaning for you! Our team of landscaping and lawn care experts at Great Yards Landscape Maintenance can handle your cleaning and make sure it is done right. We’re proud of our commitment to our clients and our reputation for stellar results and excellent customer service. Call us to book an appointment with a spring clean-up crew from GYLM today!

Spring is gone and fall is here you can make sure that your property is ready for the transition into a new season by contacting our grounds care service experts at GYLM to schedule an appointment for a fall clean-up. Our crews are professional, uniformed, and timely. We maintain a high standard for excellence in our services and work hard to ensure that our clients are happy. Your satisfaction is our priority, and keeping your property looking good throughout the year is what we do best! Our clean-up crew can provide the following services, to restore your property:

  • Tree and shrub trimming/pruning
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Bark dust / compost
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control
  • Leaf removal 
  • Garbage/debris clearance
  • Fertilization/aeration
  • Ivy removal
  • Removal of unwanted shrubs/trees 

Blackberry removal services

We in the Northwest often have rather conflicting attitudes when it comes to wild blackberries, and rightly so too! Indeed, a handful of free ripe berries  can be pleasant for making a fresh blackberry pie every now and then, but it can become easy to despise the brambles that take over a creek  bed or a back fence you have in your garden. As a homeowner, if you decide to get rid of the unwanted blackberry plants yourself, you will  be facing a deceptively resilient and thorny plant. Now most people  often choose to apply foliage herbicide treatments to the plants but  this might not be the best approach. This is because the common weedy  blackberry is the Himalayan blackberry. Many characteristics of this plant make it difficult to remove. According to the University of  California, blackberry plants usually grow back following an herbicide application. For quick and thorough blackberry removal, GYLM can come in handy.

Pressure washing

Emerging as the most prominent service provider for power washing  in Salem and  surrounding areas, we have been in the field for over a decade. With combined experience of over a century we have serviced some of the most esteemed clients. Mainly due to the excellent service we offer and the efficient set of tools we use, we have made it to the top rank of the similar service providers in Salem. With an amazing team set-up, we have been revitalizing the appearances of both residential and commercial properties  with our worthwhile service experiences. Whether it is your driveway or a deck, we will use the perfect set of tools and equipment to perfectly clean your project. GYLM offers a 24/7 service schedule with just a phone call or email away. We are 100% dedicated to attend to your query and deliver the best possible solution with our talented and well-trained team of workmen.

  • 100% client dedicated service set-up
  • Professional results delivered
  • Hassle free service
  • Free consultation and cost estimate for your particular project
  • Covering every aspect of pressure washing
  • Divers services offered with both commercial and residential projects 
  • On-call assistance and supportive staff
  • 24x7 service schedule all over Salem and nearby areas
  • Excellent service staff and professional team at work
  • Specialized equipment and advanced tools that fit every area and cleaning need
  • Professional results & superior customer service

Snow plowing and Ice control

Summer is gone. Autumn is gone too. In a few weeks time it will start snowing. With winter closing in fast, you need to secure a reliable and professional parking lot snow removal service and sidewalk, entry ice removal maintenance team.  Did you know that in many states keeping your walkways, driveways and overhangs free from snow is a law? This year, for your snow plowing needs, why not try us for a change? We've got you covered. For some years now, Great Yards Landscape Maintenance has been helping companies keep their property safe. We offer snow plowing at highly competitive rates and if you need a fast, reliable and professional service in place before the snow hits, we can take care of it all. Now would be a good time to contact us and let us help you with all your snow removal needs this winter. We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.  Experience the Great Yards Landscape Maintenance difference!

  •  Ice Melt in Parking Lots
  •  Sidewalk Shoveling
  •  Commercial Parking Lots
  •  24/7 Snow Monitoring
  •  Fully Insured

Construction Clean Up

As a construction or a renovation project evolves, waste materials are  often heaped in specific areas of the site. These waste materials may include things such as wood, drywall, metal structures and cardboard.  Many times it happens that builders and on-site contractors don’t realize the importance of a clean construction site. Fair enough they might ask themselves, “What’s the point of sweeping a house that is  going to be trashed all over again the very next day?” The truth is, it is much better to keep a construction site clean.  A trashy site can lead  to mistakes, injuries, poor performance and increased costs. To help you keep your construction site safe and trash-free, GYLM provides professional clean up services to assist site owners with compliance with regulations and ensure that their construction site remains safe and clean. We offer the expertise and specialized skills needed to decommission, remove and dispose of waste from your construction site. Benefits of choosing GYLM:

  • We provide a professional clean up service
  • Trained and skilled cleanup specialists carry out the job
  • We will work alongside your on-site contractors for a better end result
  • We have years of experience in professional cleaning of construction sites

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