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Blackberry Removal

Northwesterners often have rather conflicting attitudes when it comes to wild blackberries, and rightly so too! Indeed, a handful of free ripe berries can be pleasant for making a fresh blackberry pie every now and then, but it can become easy to despise the brambles that take over a creek bed or a back fence you have in your garden. As a homeowner, if you decide to get rid of the unwanted blackberry plants yourself, you will be facing a deceptively resilient and thorny plant. Now most people often choose to apply foliage herbicide treatments to the plants, but this might not be the best approach. This is because the common weedy blackberry is the Himalayan blackberry. Many characteristics of this plant make it difficult to remove. According to the University of California, blackberry plants usually grow back following an herbicide application. For quick and effective blackberry removal, Great Yards Landscape can come in handy.


Benefits of choosing Great Yards Landscape

  • We use proven techniques for removing blackberries
  • We follow up the removal work
  • Proper disposal techniques
  • Blackberry removal techniques will leave you with dead or dying thorny plant material, we can take care of it
  • A professional service
  • Fast blackberry removal
  • We promise 100% customer satisfaction
  • We are one of the leading landscaping services in the country

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